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((¸¸.·´  ..·´   -:¦:-Katharine Clark-:¦:
Certified IIN Health Coach
Certified Hippocrates Health Educator

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina
Thank you for coming to my site.  I threw it together myself so I can introduce you to my Super Food Secret.
I’ve been eating the Number 1 Super Food for 30 years and it has changed me mentally and physically.
I really want to share it with you!
 I am absolutely confident you will experience benefits from consuming the New Earth Food, it’s basic science and I’m living proof!
I talk more about my story at
I’ve enjoyed a long career in education and health,  helping people understand how their body works and how to take care of it sensibly. I graduated IU Nursing School in 1979 and entered the modern medical world. I specialize in longevity lifestyle with a focus on diet, exercise and attitude.  I integrate my nursing experience and natural health experience to offer excellent rounded support for those with challenging conditions and people who just want to treat their body and minds better.
Fresh Raw Organic Foods
Bathing in Ancient Springs at Sacred Nature Temples
Mindfulness Based Breath Work
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“Katharine is a consummate professional with a full spectrum of knowledge

and a heart of Gold”

-Drs. Anna Maria and

Brian Clement, Ph.D.,L.N.

Directors of the Hippocrates Health Institute. Associates since 1983.


“Katharine Clark is a charming mix of a holistic nurse, with a scientific

background, combined with a gorgeous, caring sister and her natural health

resources. Her unfailing and consistent leadership in the health and raw

foods community has facilitated many a health and career turn-around.

Anyone lucky enough to spend time with Katharine is truly blessed.”

-Nancy Powell, Friend and Business

Associate of Katharine’s for more

than 18 years


“Katharine Clark is one of the most professional and energized advocate

for health and wellness I have meet in a very long time. Katharine’s

enthusiasm, energy and will to help others is simply stunning. I am so glad

that she is now a member of my inner friendship circle and I know we will

do a lot of good work together. I am proud to have a friend like Katharine

and I am sure she will help a lot of people to a way to better health and

happiness. With love, respect and friendship.”

-Dr Leonard Coldwell,

author of Instinct Based Medicine and The Only Answer to Cancer.


“Our work relations with Katharine exceeds three years and ongoing.

Katharine is a force in our industry, and her connections, influence, and

reach is the result of her amazing communications skills, friendship, and

professional conduct. We cooperated with event planning, and joined

education programs, and are very happy with the results.”

-Gideon Graff , Founder Director

of the Graff Culinary Academy.


“Katharine Clark and I have been friends for over a decade. Everyone

benefits from her message of raw foods, superfoods, health, and wellness.

Katherine is a joy to work with and knows how to make every day the best

day ever!”

-David Wolfe,,

author of The

Sunfood Diet Success System, Superfoods, Eating For Beauty,

Amazing Grace, Naked Chocolate, and The LongevityNOW Program

Katharine is one of the most knowledgable women I know about how to

use and integrate Living Foods into any lifestyle. She has taught 1000’s

from small classrooms to auditoriums. She is a successful entrepreneur; a

wellness and wealth lifestyle coach. She walks her talk and has lived

around the world as she teaches.”

-Barbara Swanson, Business

Associate of Katharine’s for more than 18 years.


“The legacy and stewardship of Ann Wigmore’s and Victoras’ pioneering

work in this area of education and empowerment couldn’t be in more

competent, ethical and appropriate hands. Congratulations and highest

commendations Katharine!” ~

-Patrick Babcock, Business Associate of

Katharine’s for more than a decade.


“When Katharine sets her mind to something, it will get done. She is

honest, reliable and a very loving, caring person. I enjoy working with her.”

-Bob Underwood, Former President of Simplexity Health.


“Katharine is passionate about making a positive contribution to the world.

She teaches others the path to health, wellness, and financial freedom.

She was one of the first to reach our company’s highest title and did it in

just one year! She is an internationally recognized authority on the raw

foods lifestyle and has received many awards for her work. And she does it

all with a wonderful sense of gratitude. Katharine is passionate about

making a positive contribution to the world. She teaches others the path to

health, wellness, and financial freedom. She was one of the first to reach

our company’s highest title and did it in just one year! She is an

internationally recognized authority on the raw foods lifestyle and has

received many awards for her work. And she does it all with a wonderful

sense of gratitude.”

-Jerry Anderson, President Simplexity Health,

Klamath Falls, OR.


“Katharine Clark is the most knowledgeable and inspiring administrator I’ve

ever worked with. She keeps the spontaneous flow and the fun happening

for students as well as her teachers. She provides intensely researched

and scientifically documented information in new cutting-edge programs.”

– Debra Secunda, Eco-Chef & Educator, NYC,


“We bless you on your journey and it will take 10 people to fill your shoes –

you did so much for the vegan community here and for promoting health,

wellness and common sense.”

-Norm Adams, Director of Real Estate, Stiles Realty


“The classes I took with you inspired me to hang in there and get healthy.

Thank you.”

-David Creager.


“Katharine is a wonderful health educator, both knowledgeable and

passionate and engaging. She is warm and caring and a joy to have in my

circle. She brings light wherever she goes.”

-Rita Massey, Simplexity

Health, Escondido, CA


“Katherine is one of the most generous and vibrant people that I have been

privileged to meet. At a time when so many seem to believe in the outmoded

views of competition, Katherine is a beaming light for those of us who believe in

cooperation and joint collaborative efforts.

We need a lot more people emulating her in this capacity!”

-Dorit D, Founder

of The LIving Foods Film Festival, Hollywood, CA


“I have known Katherine for over 15 years and she is one of the most

dedicated persons I have ever met committed to helping others achieve

health and prosperity. She is always there when you need her.”

-Marty Maddox, RYT500, LMT, NMT, NCTMB, St Petersburg Beach, FL.


“Katherine has been steady as a rock in her commitment to high quality

products and standards of excellence, bringing significant experience &

knowledge about what it really takes to live a truly healthy lifestyle.”

-Lynn Himmelmann, Business Owner, Canada


“Katharine Clark (not related) and I have worked side by side in the same

company since 1994. I have found Katharine to be a knowledgable

resource regarding alternative health and products. More than generous,

she never says no to a request to help another. She always lights up the

room and is fun to be around…She certainly is easy to work with.”

-Kay Clark , Managing Director, Simplexity Health (colleague)


“I’ve known Katherine for more than 25 years and no one has educated me

better about health and proper nutrition.”

-Rock Eblen , Producer/Director,



“Katharine is one person I count on to see the big picture.

She meets people where they are and their needs. She doesn’t squeeze

them into a modality that is out of their comfort zone. She is able to do this

because she has ‘first hand” exposure to so many things that work and

don’t work…I trust her opinions and suggestions. Katharine started out

as a Registered Nurse. She saw health needs not

being met and entered the world of building health.”

-Janna Chandler ,

Dallas Business Owner


“Well we are very grateful that we got to attend when YOU were director

and that you shared so freely of your time, energy, and knowledge with us

all! Thank you and best wishes!”

-Luther Cale, Katharine’s Student at the

HIppocrates Health Institute


“Alan and I are talking we were fortunate to have such a valuable and

knowledgeable mentor at HHI for our Health Educator Course. We are sure

your experience will be greatly missed by future students.”

-Ayaka Kamioka,

Katharine’s Student at Hippocrates Health Educator Program


“I found Katherine to be most capable in all matters that counted at the

time. She is personable, considerate and experienced in a wide range of

health care and nutritional protocols. I wish I had her on my team again. I

would without hesitation recommend Katherine Clark for any position

which required resourcefulness, experience and a working knowledge of

business in general and specifically in the area of nutrition sales and


-Robert Bagnall , Owner NutraThai, Chaing Mai, Thailand


“Thanks, Katherine. I really value your knowledge and experience in this

area. It’s time for me to get back to the “House of Health.”

-Faye Davis


“Katharine is a living legacy. Her knowledge is a very powerful asset to your

well-being. Please connect with her and experience the value of a healthy,

living foods lifestyle.”

-Theresa Kraus-Broughton


“Katharine is a walking example of what she has lived and taught for so

many years. She is a valuable treasure to tap into and will enrich your

health and your life.”

-Fred Van Liew


“Katharine, You are one of my Heros for being such a Health Crusader… I

went to Hippocrates in Boston in ’76 and it changed my life…”

-Byron Fears, a friend since 1991.


“Katharine has tried everything and she knows how to let people be where

they are. Anytime someone wants to upgrade she help them do it as much

as they are ready without making them wrong. That way we all feel

supported and are able to be on our own paths as individuals that are all

wired differently. She is truly abundant in all areas of her life and leads by

example. It is a pleasure to be associated with her in helping others

upgrade their health.”

-Janna Chandler, Friend and Business Associate

since 1994.


“Katharine, thanks for keeping the focus on conscious positive things . You

as always are an incredible trailblazer.”

-Brooks Blanchard, Friend of

Katharine’s more than 20 years.

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